Destination: Cambridge

As I was scurrying around this morning trying to catch the fleeing multitude of details that have escaped me, I realized that I had never announced the great news about my summer. So here it is: I am going to Cambridge. As an intern. For two months. For those of you who know me well, you know that the mere idea of calling that city my own even for a month is highly exciting. Besides the beauty (and it is a lovely old city), I figure that just ambling along the same streets that C.S. Lewis walked ought to somehow imbue me with renewed creativity. However, lest there be confusion, I should clarify; I am not going as a student, but as an intern with Christian Heritage Cambridge.

I first stumbled upon them when I was in Cambridge two years ago for a C.S. Lewis conference. They operate out of the Round Church, one of the oldest buildings in Cambridge and their whole goal is renew culture by renewing the faith of the people within it. Pretty good vision huh? And how better than to set up shop right in the center of one of the best universities in the world? Through a combined mixture of summer and weekend conferences, displays in the Round Church and guided tours of Cambridge from a Christian perspective, they are constantly seeking to get to know people, engage their hearts and their minds and shape their thought. CHC was founded in part by Ranald Macaulay, the son in law of Francis Schaeffer. For those of you who are familiar with the writing of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, or L’Abri, CHC is very similar in its vision and heart to engage people.

The lovely thing is that my brother Joel was also accepted as one of the three interns so we will be going together. (Along with another intern named Nathan, which is, ironically, the name of my other brother…) This is sort of an ideal situation for us as the subject of nightly discussions around here is just how to bring truth, goodness, beauty into a postmodern culture. How be winsome and yet absolute in conviction, how to portray Christ in art of all kinds, how to live life in such a way that Christ’s compassion is communicated to whoever we happen to see. And since we are both pursuing some sort of art, writing for me, music for Joel, it’s good to consider how God draws through creation of all kinds. The excitement is high around here. (And then, you can just imagine us as weekend and evening gypsies, determined to see as much as have as many adventures as possible…)

We will actually spend two weeks in preparation at the English L’Abri before starting the internship in full around the first of July. Once we arrive, we’ll be, to our delight, right in the thick of it all, giving the tours, guiding the visitors and writing a short research paper while we are there. And hopefully having a myriad of discussions with our hosts in between. So, in the midst of buying airplane tickets, arranging lodging and raising support, I thought I should at least make a semi-official announcement of this new adventure. That way, when I start posting debates, pictures and adventure tales from Cambridge you won’t think you’ve stumbled onto a different blog. And…if any of you happen to be in England this summer, come by! We’ll give you a grand tour.


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