Gruss Gott!

Or, as the German has it, “Greet God” which basically means “hello”!

I greet you from the springtime streets of Easter Vienna. We arrived here a night and a half ago after a train ride from Munich through the Austrian Alps. We are cozily situated right on the Ring in downtown Vienna, ten minutes walk from Kaertner Strasse and the Graeben, the two pedestrian streets that make up the heart of Vienna. It has been a wondrous time thus far; miles of walking down cobbletone streets, coffee at Mom’s old favorite haunt of Heiner’s, a long stroll through the Ostermarkt (Easter Market) to buy fragile, handpainted eggs in every hue of the rainbow.

These are our days of rest; our respite before we head out on Tuesday. Easter especially will be a gift as we are spending the day with old friends and ending with a midnight performance of the Messiah in St. Stephens. It will be wondrous.

So, from streets flower-bedecked and cobblestoned, from the city of music and old beauty, I wish you a lasting grace from the Lord. May you have peace on this joyous day. May the beauty of God be heartbeat close as His joy suffuses our souls once again.

Happy Easter from Vienna!


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