Essential Reading

Well, reading is essential. And this is essential reading on the subject of reading. Got it?
It’s highly enlightening (and convicting and frightening) to read the current research on the declining literacy of our culture. It’s probably good for me, added impetus for the writing of my book. However, it seems a pity not to be able to use the full articles I am finding, so I’ll at least post them here. Perhaps you’ll find them as fascinating as I.

Reading at Risk. This was one of the largest studies every conducted into literacy in America. It was headed by Dana Gioia, the director of the National Endowment of the Arts and a man I truly respect for the work he is doing to revive a value for literature and beauty in America.

Endangered Minds. As I searched the web, a name that came up over and over again was that of Jane Healey, a professor and writer who has done extensive research into the impact of reading on the mind and life of a child. This is a sample chapter from her book.

The Dramatic Effect of Shakespeare on the Brain. Last, but not least, a slightly more enjoyable piece on the dramatic effect that the reading of Shakespeare has on the brain. I knew there must be a reason I feel smarter when reading Hamlet!



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2 responses to “Essential Reading

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  2. northwoodsnomad

    You are right. It is shockingly disturbing how far we have sunk. I can say this from experience. For 20 years I’ve been sinking but I’ll say this. Over the last couple weeks as I have started to return to my former self 🙂 it has been amazing to see what is out there! You are really doing an awesome thing by sharing your research with the world! I applaud your efforts!

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