Glimpses of Earth

At heart, I believe I’m a gypsy.

There is so very much adventure and such an abundance of beauty just waiting to be found in the wondrous world and I am always wanting to foray out to discover it. However, it seems that it’s necessary to live a somewhat normal life at least part of the time. I have gladly resigned myself to this, but I have my ways of keeping a bit of gypsy spice even in the midst of every day life. And one of them, funny though it be, is to be constantly searching for new pictures to grace my computer desktop.

I find it endlessly entertaining to open my lovely little apple laptop every day and find a glimpse into some other enchanting world staring up at me, challenging me to someday find it. (And I fully intend to!) So, in my endless search for new windows into the wide and windy world, I have recently found an endless supply of fascinating photos over at National Geographic. You can go here to see their picture of the day and all their downloadable wallpapers. The archives are a treasure trove of glimpsed adventures and so far I have found such pearls as a cathedral in the morning mist, a wild Irish coast, a Slovakian country landscape (for all you Prices) and my current beauty, an imp of a little girl in the rosy ocean of a flower market.

This is just too much fun for this travel hungry girl!


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  1. northwoodsnomad

    I’m not sure if you’ll read this but here is a resource for your viewing pleasure. There are picutres from all over Upper Michigan. Not only are there archives of the daily posted pictures but there are galleries! Thousands of pictures of everything from old postcards and pictures to galleries of trips to different areas as well as many many other things. I believe the last count I heard (quite some time ago) was 30,000 pictures and counting!

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