The Prodigal Returns

There are some years when life feels like a train careening down a mountainside. I’ve simply held on for dear life. I’m working up to a book-length tirade someday on the hectic craze of modern living, and it got its start when I woke up about a month ago and had a stabbing realization that it had been a long time since I had actually read a full hour. Or written a good essay. Or taken a good walk, (rather impossible here with the strange and incessant snow), or…blogged.

Well, I’m back. Rather windblown and wild-eyed it must be admitted. But back in earnest and determined to plunge back into the work of great thinking. Which, of course, leads to the reading of the great thoughts of all you other bloggers and the writing of a few of my own.

It’s good to begin again.



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2 responses to “The Prodigal Returns

  1. northwoodsnomad

    If I have faltered more or less,
    In my great task of happiness,
    If I have moved among my race,
    And showed no shining morning face,
    If books and my food and summer rain,
    Knock on my quiet heart in vain,
    Lord, Thy most pointed pleasure take,
    And stab my spirit broad awake.

    -Robert Louis Stevenson
    Do you know what the ironic things is? This blog (The Prodical Returns) is the result of what is written above! 🙂 God let you run about your daily life and then as you started to fall into a deep sleep, he “stabbed your spirit broad awake”! What an amazing god we serve!

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