Moonlit Dawn

I awoke this morning to a strange and beautiful dawn. The Sabbath came in with a rich blue morning light shot through with the burnished gold of a lingering full moon. Such a sight, such a wondering sight it was to see the full moon resting on the mountain top as the world grew soft with daylight.

Ah Father, that moon hung like a sign in the dawn sky. What are You telling us? That You are here? That mystery and enchantment cluster close about us and great wonders drop miraculously into our skies if we would but have the heart to see? Oh Moon-Maker, my giver of morning treasure. Thank you for waking me. Know that I have seen. I am awake, body and soul this mysterious blue morning.

My book last night said that humankind is innured to the glory of creation round him. But for me I couldn’t agree less. Father, this world of yours, this earth and sky trembling with storms, this rolling land of trees and bright mountains and moons like signs of war or glory in the morning sky, how could I be blind to them? Thank You, oh thank You for this picture, this moment of glorious sight. I know in my heart beyond any doubt that I live daily in a reality of sacred mystery. I can’t always see it though with these searching eyes. But this blue and gold dawn brought it near, heartbeat, heartsong near.

I am so glad.


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One response to “Moonlit Dawn

  1. Jo

    Though an older post, its just as beautiful as any of your masterful creations of words depicting Nature. Beautiful… simply beautiful!

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