9.5 Theses

Please, everyone, go read the great article on Christianity Today website titled “9.5 Theses on Worship”. We have had many discussions lately on this topic, as we have been visiting numerous churches, and this guy says what I’ve been wanting to say myself on the subject. Go Mr. whatever your name is!



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2 responses to “9.5 Theses

  1. Foolish Knight

    The article is by Gary A. Parrett and can be found here:


  2. cori

    Thank you so much for sharing that WONDERFUL article! I wish more people would have that same heart. I was recently at the Wholehearted Mother conference in Dallas and experienced the most sweet worship (the first evening of the conference) than I had experienced for a long time. It was from the heart, it wasn’t for show. It is wonderful to find a kindred spirit.

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